Here's what people from across the US, including employees at Microsoft & Google, are saying:


Bringing Russ in to facilitate our nonprofit organization’s retreat was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! Russ led us through a session that allowed the full staff to open up, share their motivations, fears and hopes – and it broke open a ton of new ideas for our work that we hadn’t thought of before because the team felt almost instantaneously supported, inspired and creative. It was remarkable how much Russ was able to accomplish – in a group setting – for every individual staff member that participated. We still use Russ-isms to this day when we’re feeling tired or uninspired in order to remember what we’re all truly capable of.
— Danielle Holly, CEO, Common Impact
Russ Terry continues to impress people with his energetic personality and leadership abilities. As the keynote speaker at our leadership retreat, Russ connected with the audience through his “Platinum rule” (Do unto others as they want done unto them) and exciting personal experiences. Meeting Russ Terry at a few of his life coaching sessions, Russ continues to add depth to the experience with each encounter. Russ is able to command a room from 20 to 200 individuals and he makes his work seem easy. Russ Terry’s wealth of knowledge has made working with him a truly wonderful experience.
— Naneen Christopher, Northeast Regional Director, Alpha Kappa Psi


Three things I love about Russ as a coach: 1) there are always clear takeaways and goals from every session, 2) even when I don’t know what I want to cover he pulls out a great topic from a previous conversation that is completely relevant and helpful, and 3) he manages to connect his coaching to making me a better person in both my professional and personal life.
— Lisa R. – Microsoft, Seattle, WA

Russ is a role model for successful career transition and his clients draw great benefit from his rich experience. Working with Russ is like working with a friend who is dedicated to supporting you in achieving your full potential. Russ is authentic, optimistic and creative. He has a unique ability to partner with his clients to create action plans that work with their busy lives. I was amazed at how much I was able to achieve in such a short period of time working with Russ! Russ also really cares about his clients. He’s your greatest cheerleader and delights in your achievements! If you want to work with a coach who understands career transition and who can work with you to create a plan to perform at your best in a job you love, Russ is the coach to work with!
— Maureen, New York

People seeking a successful life figured out a long time ago that they need to fill their corner with guides, mentors, and coaches. Russ Terry has the unique ability to guide you in a direction that dramatically improves multiple areas of your life. If you wake up one day and ask, “Wow, how do I accomplish so much?” Do not be alarmed. Those who have worked with Russ have experienced that type of staggering change.
— Greg Pilla, New Jersey

Russ’ commitment for helping me execute excellent results is nothing short of outstanding and it’s amazing what we’ve accomplished in just a very short amount of time. His dedication and passion contributed to all we’ve done thus far in my journey and he has been incredibly helpful. Russ truly invests in the relationship with everyone he comes in contact with (whether they’re a client/potential client or not). He willingly makes himself available and truly listens to the individual, expresses true care and concern of the individual’s situation and graciously provides guidance and advice to help them. It is the small touches that can have the greatest impact and he does this without even trying; it just comes naturally. This is just one of his many wonderful attributes. I am honored that I am a client and I highly recommend him to others. I firmly believe this is his calling and that Russ has natural talent for this career path.
— DT, Florida
Truthfully, it’s hard to capture how much Russ Terry helped me! He helps individuals of diverse backgrounds achieve their goals and live awesome lives. Through his coaching and listening abilities, he made me realize that I had the tools to make valuable professional and personal achievements and that I just needed to let my uncertainties go to obtain them. Each session with Russ allowed me to think more clearly, operate more effectively and respond to changes with positivity and excitement. You can experience big rewards and put yourself in a position where you and the people around you both win with Russ’ guidance and some “Terry original rules” along the way. Russ is a gifted coach and I highly recommend working with him if you want to push yourself to the next level.
— Garrett, Google

Since working with Russ over the last five months, I feel as if I am a brand new person – and I absolutely, unashamedly love my life. The “new” me lives an empowered life beyond my wildest dreams because of the life coaching I have experienced with Russ. Within every single session, I feel as if a part of me (or old habit or limiting belief) is completely transformed and I feel totally altered in the most positive and healthy ways. I have ended every session feeling “wowed” – my satisfaction level with Russ’ coaching is consistently beyond my highest expectation, and I am a tough, demanding, critical, client! Through my work with Russ as a coach, I’ve made bold changes, and incredibly improved: my career, my management of personal finances, my family relationships, my health and fitness, and more. It’s been extremely rewarding to focus on one of the specific aforementioned areas, and then realize how the skills Russ teaches me are applicable across many facets of my life – Russ helps me to create this alignment and apply new skills to any area of life that I would like to change.
— Kristen F., Minneapolis

I met Russell at a pivotal time when I was looking to make changes in my personal life and career. One on one life coaching with Russell has helped me view things with an open mind and more positivity. He approached our sessions with enthusiasm, was always professional, warm and focused on our work together. He provided me with the right tools I needed to work towards my goals. The result? In less than a year, I moved to Los Angeles from New York, found a great job, and got engaged! I am now able to savor the special moments in life, instead of focusing on the negative as I had done in the past. This experience has been life changing! I appreciate things more after getting coached by Russ and I am a better person for it!
— Marian R., Los Angeles, CA

I’ve been working with Russ for several months and he has really helped me get my house in order during my mid-life career transition. Russ is always upbeat and caring, he listens intently and asks provoking unbiased questions that lead me to my own independent insights. Russ takes a holistic approach to being a Life Coach addressing mind, body and soul. I find this particularly helpful and satisfying on this important journey I am currently making. He has been an invaluable resource for me during my career transition and I would recommend him to anyone looking for some guidance.
— SRH, New Jersey


Russ Terry is a great motivator, teacher, and facilitator! I have taken numerous workshops and a webinars with Russ regarding such diverse topics such as relationships, how to use Linked In, and other sessions that helped me to understand myself and what I want out of life, like his gratitude mission. His workshops and webinars couldn’t have come at a better time in my life. I am going through numerous life-changing challenges and the content that I have learned through him and about myself has changed my life! I always walk away from his workshops and webinars learning something and most of the lessons I have learned I can and have applied in my daily life. If you are looking to improve yourself and how you live your life, Russ can really help you just like he helped me and still does! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend others to take his webinars and workshops. They are quite affordable, even under a limited budget. I can’t put a price tag on what it has done for me in the quality of my life. I look forward to taking more of Russ’ workshops in the future. They are almost addictive in a positive way! It’s the best present you can give to yourself
— Martha Sobhani, Queens, NY