WOMEN WHO FINALLY WANT TO PUT THEMSELVES FIRST- So many of my women clients are afraid to “go for it”. They’ve put others (family, boss, etc.) first for so long. Through our work together, they learn to focus on themselves and they realize they can do this while still being a nurturer to others (which is an excellent quality by the way).

MILLENNIAL MEN – Are you (or do you know) a guy in your 20s or early-to-mid 30s? Men in this age group – the Millennials – often want the same things at this point in their life. By getting coached, they learn to navigate the “more adult feelings” they’re having.

CAREER TRANSITION – Career Transition can be an amazing, empowering process. While we can’t control if someone hires us, we can plant the appropriate seeds to make a new job/career much more likely. The questions you answer in our sessions will help you know what you want and put yourself in a position for a company to hire you. My more than 2,100 LinkedIn connections can help you here too!