Life Coaching helps people accomplish their goals, reach their full potential, and live a more robust, healthy life filled with family, friends, outside activities – and career satisfaction. As a result of our work together, you’ll accomplish things you’ve long been meaning to do, or never even thought possible. You’ll have more confidence in your abilities and in taking a chance.

You’ll be amazed in the progress you make in your life from working with a Coach. You’ll learn to assess what you’re doing even when we’re not in session, and you’ll be able to tell me what you want to do differently going forward without me even asking.  That said, some people love Coaching so much they stick with it.  Two of my clients have been on board for 2+ years!!

You can get started today by emailing me ( to set up a session. You can also start by taking the Energy Leadership Index (ELI) as a Baseline for how you’re living your life now. This will give us SO much to work on! The ELI is a one-of-a-kind assessment that enables you to hold up a mirror to your perceptions, attitudes, behaviors, and overall leadership capabilities – at work and in your personal life. The realizations that you’ll gain from the Energy Leadership assessment and debrief process alone will change the way you view your world!!

Finally, if after reading all this YOU are interested in becoming a Coach, click this link below to learn at the school I graduated from (and now teach at). You can also email me ( to discuss enrolling here: